Msaidizi Africa Initiatives

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About Msaidizi Africa Initiatives

Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is all about growing others, Success without a successor in not successful enough to be sustained. MSAIDIZI AFRICA INITIATIVES provides a platform where talents are discovered, nurtured and mentored to maximum potential. MSAIDIZI is a Swahili word meaning HELPER, The initiative was founded in 2016 by Gloria Muliro.

My Musical journey started with diverse struggles which would have been made easy with mentorship and direction. I must recognize the great effort of fellow musicians that went ahead of us and laid a foundation of spirit filled and Bible-based songs that have continually inspired me till now. There seems to be a gap between the former and current generation of artists in terms of content, mentorship, and Ministry. Regardless of the tremendous Growth experienced in the Gospel Music industry, there are still challenges that need to be addressed and Msaidizi Africa initiative (MAI) aims at bridging the gap. Mentorship is a critical issue now in the Gospel Industry which informs our Vision, Will seek to Discover, nurture Uprising and raw Gospel artists across all counties in Kenya. The desire is to spread the same model not only in Kenya but beyond to include all nations in Africa. MAI intends to work with National Government, Counties, Church Leaders, Youth Group leaders, learning and Correctional institutions to achieve the desired and shared objectives. MAI will not work directly with the artists; will coordinate through their leadership either at Church, institution(s) or Parents for accountability.


Raising a Generation of mentored artists

Raising and mentoring Talents Mission statement: To be a springboard that will bring to realization the vision and dreams of young and uprising talents hence transforming their lives.

Target Group

Raw Talent

Uprising Talent Objectives

Discover Talent (Individual/ Group)

In-still and build mentee are to have a strong relationship with God…Seek first the Kingdom of God (Matt 6:33)

Teach and Guide on professional and successful songwriting skills

Build awareness that Music pays, and it pays well. Teach mentees how to earn a living through music

Stage performance and Alter ministration

To facilitate and steer the processes of peacebuilding, national cohesion, and integration through music and Talent Core Values 1. Humility 2. Patience 3. Innovation

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