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Youthful Life Celebration: Does It Have Limits?

Youthful Life Celebration: Does It Have Limits? Things to Do and Enjoy Being Youthful

Being Youthful means you are experiencing a time of vigor, energy, and zeal. Through this period of transition, we learn a lot and discover ourselves in so many amazing ways. As a youth, you live your life through moments and sometimes get lost in them. Being a youth means happiness and laughter.

John Roebling – Power of Determination & Persistence

John Roebling – Power of Determination & Persistence John A. Roebling

Assumably, the story of John Roebling connects to the Power of Determination & Persistence. Well, this is a real-life story of engineer John Roebling building the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, the USA back in 1870. However, after one of his unforgiving hustle, the bridge was finally completed in 1883. Not forgetting, this was after 13 […]

Setting Priorities Right as the Called Christians

Setting Priorities Right as the Called Christians Gloria Muliro Setting Priorities Right

Setting Priorities Right in Regards to God Reading and understanding the importance of setting priorities right as required by our Lord. Whereby, the reading comes from the book of — Psalm 16:8. “I keep my eyes always on the Lord. With him at my right hand, I will not be shaken. Therefore my heart is glad and my tongue […]

Who is Gloria Muliro?

Who is Gloria Muliro?

About Gloria Muliro Gloria Muliro is a Kenyan Gospel Musician who was born in Emuhaya, Western of Kenya to the late David Muliro and Joice Asami back in 1980. She does write and compose music, practice playing musical instruments, engage in internal and world evangelism tours, production of music, mentor and motivate the young, women and youths, engage in charity missions, product, services and […]

Kora Ambassadress

Kora Ambassadress

Gloria Muliro has been very instrumental in sensitizing the community and reaching out to government officials, schools cooperate and other companies in Kenya on issues related to this deadly disease called Ebola. Kenya has been at the center of debate whether it’s vulnerable or not vulnerable to the Ebola outbreak. The Kenyan government at some point suspended […]

Holy Land Trip

Holy Land Trip

Egypt and Israel have for years been close to Kenyans with many associating it with the great nation in the Bible. Finding or walking at the Footsteps of Jesus Christ. You could also say, associating with Jesus Christ hometown and trying to learn, understand more of what is written in the Bible. #TwendeJerusalem is an ongoing, annually […]

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