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Gloria Muliro is a Kenyan Gospel Musician who was born in Emuhaya, Western of Kenya to the late David Muliro and Joice Asami. She does write and compose music, practice playing musical instruments, engage in internal and world evangelism tours, production of music, mentor and motivate the young, women and youths, engage in charity missions, product, services and legitimate brands endorsement and review, private and public motivational and inspirational speaking, corporates solo and group band performance, praise and worship leading and many other engaging activities not included above. Gloria Muliro worships at NHOM (New Hope Outreach Ministries) Nairobi Kenya.


Gloria Muliro was born back on 1st April 1980 in Western Kenya. She was born to the late David Muliro and Joice Asami in a place called Emuhaya alongside other 5 Siblings. She first came into the limelight in 2005 when she recorded her first Hit Album ‘Mwami Aletsa’ (My God will surely come), which received massive airplay, especially on local radio stations. Several of her single tracks have hit airwaves in Kenya and beyond East Africa, among them, Sitolia, Follow You, Kando, Msaidizi, Matokeo, Kitanzi and the most recent ones NdiyoYako (your Yes) as well as Narudisha.

Gloria Muliro recently worked on her New Album #Omusalapa, which has been received well by the world at large just like the previous Album. We can say, it is all the Lords Favour. She has other projects underway which will be released in the months and years to come. Gloria also has several events which have and will see her travel abroad as a Performer, Evangelist, an Ambassadress and or even a Humanitarian.


Gloria Muliro trained to be a teacher and after some time, she realized she had a greater calling where she is still updating herself with a Psychology course among other knowledge skills. This helps in improving herself and catching up with the ever dynamic means of evangelization and speaking the word of God through media. She has offered herself in many mentorship programs and counseling sessions through her many individual requests or sponsored|partnerd programs. She is an influential figure who has assisted and helped shape the Kenyan Contemporary and Urban Gospel Stage and also gave Gospel Music a space in the East Africa Platforms and now extending the same abroad. With her role model since childhood, – Angela Chibalonza, their admired voices has swept across Africa and they are not easy to forget.

Gloria Muliro's passion for the People, Music, and Gods work has seen her win several awards since she started the Ministry.

2012: Best Female Artist, Mwafaka Awards
2013: Best Female Artist, Groove Awards
2013: Best Female Artist, Mwafaka Awards
2014: Best Female Artist, Mwafaka Awards
2014: Best Female East African Artist, Mwafaka Awards
2014: Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) Top Earner
2014: Best Collaboration (Sitolia), Mwafaka Awards
2018: Best Gospel Category, AFRIMMA Awards

In 2014 she was appointed KORA ambassadress to help Ebola Fight in Kenya and Africa at large minimizing the threats. In 2016 she was the brand ambassadress for Go Tell World Exposures, and she is the current project ambassador through Dreams Ajiri dada project, a USAID funded project, run by AMURT Africa. She has also featured in State functions in The Nation of Kenya over the last decade that has seen her influence in the Gospel industry inspire many around the Church Circles and the Corporate world. Gloria Muliro still believes that everyone alive is destined for Greatness.

Gloria Muliro Music Albums

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First Album - Mwami Aletsa

  • Mwami Aletsa (My God will surely come)
  • Mwami Yangula (He bought me )
  • Luliho Olwimbo (There's a song)
  • Khulwanda (On the rock)
  • Mwami (Lord)
  • Nzitsang Hambeli (I press on )
  • Ndilonda Khunzira (I’ll follow the path)
  • Abula Oundi (There’s none else)

Second Album - Sitolia

  • Sitolia ( Won't cry)
  • Nakuhitaji (I need you)
  • Neno (The Word)
  • Jehova (Christ)
  • Kazi Yako (Your work)
  • Nani Kama Wewe (Who is like you)
  • Maisha (A marriage Song)
  • Mambo yote (All things )
  • Matsai KaYesu (The blood of Jesus)

Third Album - Follow You

  • Follow You
  • Kando (Betrayal)
  • Yesu Iroma (All I have)
  • Tukuza ( Praise)
  • Bolela Yesu (Tell it to Jesus)
  • Kibali (Favour)
  • Ningweendete (I love you)
  • Papa Oshe (Thank You Lord)
  • Mbhukanga ( Am amazed)

Fourth Album - Msaidizi

  • Msaidizi (Helper)
  • Amini (Believe)
  • Anakupenda (He loves you)
  • Orio (Thank you)
  • Mungu ni Mungu (He is God)
  • I pad ( Tablet)
  • Matokeo (Results)
  • Kitanzi (Suicide)

Fifth Album - Omusalapa

  • Khuchinga Omusalapa
  • Khuli Mbulwani
  • Kwinjile Mwikulu
  • Nondanga Yesu
  • Nyasaye wa Toto
  • Unzitsulilanga
  • Yaho Mwikulu
  • Yesu Neingabo

Sixth Album - Ndiyo Yako

  • Ndiyo Yako
  • Narudisha

Stay posted. We will add more soon!

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