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Gloria Muliro is scheduled to visit the United Kingdom yet again Next month for her continued #UK and #Europe Tour. This is in partnership and with the support of the event’s organizers and sponsors from Amani Entrepreneurs UK Ltd and Gloria Muliro Foundation.
Kenya Culture Life UK is set up by Kenyans in the UK Diaspora. Its aim is to support the underprivileged in the community and provide a networking platform for users and providers of Kenyans in the UK.
To improve the bond between the Kenyan and World cultures through youth & women empowerment, thus uniting Kenyans and friends in the UK.
Kenyan Cultural Day UK came to life in 2014 due to the need to promote cultural diversity, provide a platform to tackle brain drain and to educate the second generation of Kenyan Diaspora.
  • To enhance the positive spirit of nationalism among Kenyan citizens in the diaspora to improve the levels of national pride, patriotism, and cohesion.
  • Provide a central place for Kenyans and friends to assemble and celebrate
  • Provide a venue for the world to have a true taste of Kenya
  • Increase positive visibility of Kenya through media coverage
  • Hold a unique event that is community-backed and sustainable
Kenyan Cultural Day UK is a free annual family event organized by Amani Entrepreneurs UK Ltd, through Kenyan Culture Life UK. The Event attracted over 2000 people in 2015 alone. Kenyans living in UK including distinguished guests from the Kenyan High Commission UK, and UK Government officials, the Civic Ambassador of Newham Councillor Paul Duraisamy Sathianesan graced the event. Also in attendance were property developers, Financial Banks, Entrepreneurs, youth and women associations. According to our survey, 80% were Kenyans and 20% other nationalities. Kenyan Cultural Day UK 2018 will be showcasing different facts of the country that will include; Tourism, Culture, Sports, Investments, Fashion, and Food which will be executed through iconic products and exhibiting opportunities throughout the day.
This is an outdoor event, which is anticipated to be bigger and better with an expectation of over 4000 individuals in attendance.
On the ground, we shall have
Ø Keynote speakers from Kenya and UK covering investments, entrepreneurship, and youth and women empowerment.
Ø Performances from Kenyan renowned artists and traditional dancers
Ø Stalls showcasing merchandise from all corners of Kenyan Counties
Ø Children’s activities
Ø Authentic Kenyan Cuisine, just to name a few.
Gloria Muliro alongside other celebrities will be entertaining the gust and going live on stage as they also interact with Kenyans living in the UK and its environs. See other participants in the video below;


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