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Gloria Muliro is a Kenyan Gospel Musician who was born in Emuhaya, Western of Kenya to the late David Muliro and Joice Asami back in 1980. She does write and compose music, practice playing musical instruments, engage in internal and world evangelism tours.

Additionally, she does production of music, mentor and motivate the young, women and youths, engage in charity missions, product, services and legitimate brands endorsement and review.

Equally important, she engages in private and public motivational and inspirational speaking, corporates solo and group band performance, praise and worship leading. Amongst many other engaging activities not included above. Gloria Muliro worships at NHOM (New Hope Outreach Ministries) Nairobi Kenya.

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Gloria Muliro trained to be a teacher and after some time, she realized she had a greater calling where she is still updating herself with a Psychology course among other knowledge skills. This helps in improving herself and catching up with the ever dynamic means of evangelization and speaking the word of God through media.

Her Passion

Gloria Muliro has offered herself in many mentorship programs and counseling sessions through her many individual requests or sponsored|partnerd programs. She is an influential figure who has assisted and helped shape the Kenyan Contemporary and Urban Gospel Stage.

And also gave Gospel Music a space in the East Africa Platforms and now extending the same abroad. With her role model since childhood, – Angela Chibalonza, their admired voices has swept across Africa and they are not easy to forget.

Apart from doing Gospel Music, Praise and Worship activities, Gloria Muliro has a Foundation which is also involved in helping children through Gloria Muliro Children’s Home. Gloria Muliro Foundation was begun in 2001 by the Gospel Musician herself.


It strives to offer a helping hand to the orphans, widows, street children, youth and most important to preach the Gospel through ‘The Great Commission’ that Christ commanded us all (Matthew 28:19, 20). Her desire is to establish a music academy and a production studio.

Where efforts have already begun through Gloria Muliro Music, in which many young talented musicians will be nurtured right from the homage. Muliro also intends to reach out to destitute children in the society through a center which will enable the children to em-better their lives.

Gloria Muliro Foundation was set up to empower, encourage and transform(with the help of God) our young souls, academically, physically, mentally, socially, spiritually, emotionally and talent Wise. We do this by tailor-making programs for different ages of children and youth in different settings of the environment.


This has proven to be a success in the past, the testimonies say it all. Now more than ever, we want to reach our children, one county after another, and one nation after another and hopefully, we can change the world together.

We would like to reach out to the young people to encourage, motivate, challenge and bring out the best in them in more ways than one, in a holistic way that touches their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being.

Projects in Progress

Gloria Muliro Foundation has several projects in progress. These includes some of those previously commissioned but are still in facilitation and full of activities. You can see some of the Projects in Progress below or even follow the Projects Link to see more.

Yetu Camp

The camp is geared towards the service of young children between the ages of 3-19 years. They will be divided into groups of age-mates that will ease the effort of reaching out to the specific groups according to their needs.

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Msaidizi Africa Initiatives

Msaidizi Africa Initiatives provides a platform where talents are discovered, nurtured and mentored to maximum potential. MSAIDIZI is a Swahili word meaning HELPER, The initiative was founded in 2016 by Gloria Muliro.

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Ajiri Dada Initiative

AMURT Kenya’s mission is to help improve the quality of life of poor and marginalized people by promoting health care, values and economic status of communities we serve. Gloria Muliro is the Ambassadress in the Project.

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Completed Projects

These includes the past and previous projects Gloria Muliro was involved in either for a dual course and or through consultation. You can see some Projects below, or visit the main Project page through the Menu link.

Kenyan Culture Life UK

Kenyan Cultural Day UK came to life in 2014 due to the need to promote cultural diversity, provide a platform to tackle brain drain and to educate the second generation of Kenyan Diaspora. The event takes place every year in the UK.

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Twende Jerusalem Tour

Gloria Muliro and a group of 50 members started with a sail using the Boat Jesus calmed the storm on, saw the Hanging Church, experienced the mountain that Jesus and his disciples prayed.

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KORA Fights Ebola

Gloria Muliro has been very instrumental in sensitizing the community and reaching out to government officials, schools cooperate and other companies in Kenya on issues related to this deadly disease called Ebola.

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